ZTE and NVIDIA Set to Usher in First Tegra 4 Smartphone

ZTE is all set to introduce their first Tegra 4 smartphones to the market. NVIDIA has confirmed this saying that they have  paired with ZTE to bring in their brand new Tegra 4 processor.

The Tegra 4 chip offers 72 GeForce cores for graphics processing, a quad-core ARM Cortex A15 CPU and support for 4G LTE voice and data will be  available when paired with NVIDIA i500 processor.

Tegra 4

The other details about the smartphone have not been revealed yet, but we guess it would surely boast good performance and speed. According to ZTE, it will launch multiple Tegra 4 devices in the future.

ZTE executive vice president and head of the terminal division He Shiyou said  they are looking forward to develop more Tegra-powered devices and these devices will provide full HD entertainment and multimedia experiences.

We have no idea about what specs will be offered in the phone but are thrilled to know that Tegra 4 devices are coming soon. Though the release date for the smartphone is not available yet,  we need to expect the device in  the market by the end of the second quarter of this year.

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