Zens Wireless Charging Kit for Samsung Galaxy S III Arrives

Samsung fans know very well that its Galaxy S III has even got the support for wireless charging. However, Sammy takes time to bring out the official wireless charging kit for the smartphone.

It has been said that the proud Galaxy owners have to wait for at least a month to get their hands on this one. But as of now, we have an alternative for the same.

Manufactured and introduced by Zens, this is a wireless inductive charging kit compatible with the Galaxy S III.

Since it is ‘kit’, it should have something more along with it. It comprises a Zens back cover, a circuitry that makes it capable for charging and the smartphone can be placed on the top a charging pad provided here to get it charged. The best part about it is that the charging pad of the kit is compatible with other devices, only that it should meet the Qi standard.

So, if you do not own a Galaxy but some other device of the same category, you can definitely go for this charging kit. The Zens covers are also available in other colors like blue and white, and guess what, you can choose the color which matches your Galaxy handset. The charging kit will be out next month and it is priced at 69 euro ($85).

So are you waiting for the official kit or can you be satisfied with this one?

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