YotaPhone is Dual-Sided with LCD on One Side, E-Ink on the Other

Ever wondered if your smartphone could pull off a dual screen visage? If you have, you just need to look at the new YotaPhone smartphone. It indeed looks as stylish as ever with a dual screen.

This smartphone was sent out for testing in many European, North American and Asian countries. This smartphone, in fact, breaks away from the traditional handsets that are now in the market.

Yota Devices unveiled the Android powered device that holds together two screens, one an LCD display and the other an electronic paper display (EPD) and the divide between the two screens is as thick as a mobile.

Both the screens measure 4.3 inches, the LCD sports a 1280 x 720 resolution as the YotaPhone aims to help rebalance the relationship with our smartphone.

This device offers consumers the comfort of two screens as the LCD one can be used for watching movies and playing games and the EPD one can be used for reading ebooks and news articles.

New articles and stories are automatically updated in the Black and White side and as E-ink displays don’t draw much power that will help spare the battery life of the phone.

The company also promises to release several apps that would take advantage of the dual screens and the mostly the EPD.

Besides that, the phone offers other features like a 1.5GHz dual-core Krait processor and runs Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and its main camera is a 12MP lens, though it also has an unspecified “HD” camera on the front side.

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