Wolfson WM1811 Chip Powers Samsung Galaxy SIII

Though Samsung Galaxy S III’s each and every feature made it into the headlines, we did not hear much about the phone’s audio subsystem and the chip powering it. Wolfson has now revealed that the device uses its WM1811 chip.

The chip is a 24-bit two channel digital to analog converter, along with a 100dB signal to noise ratio.

The chip is behind the excellent sound features of the phone. It has got active noise reduction circuits and a five band, four channel equaliser.

This is how the smartphone produces what could be called its signature sound.

Wolfson has also announced the launch of its WM5110 chip. So we expect Samsung’s Galaxy S4 to feature this latest advanced variant. Wolfsonhas so far tasted success in its partnership with Samsung.

The chips were featured in the latter’s range of phones and slates. Wolfson CEO Mike Hickey described its association with the Korean electronics giant as a testament to the unrivalled quality of their HD Audio Hubs.

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  1. khadag says:

    which devices are utilising new wm5110 quad core audio chip??

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