Verizon Introduces Two New and Cheaper Prepaid Plans for 3G

Verizon has announced two new prepaid plans for its budget-conscious customers and they are only for 3G smartphones. Both the plans come with unlimited talk and text messaging.

Verizon users can now choose between two lower-priced prepaid plans. The first plan costs $60 per month, while the second goes up to $70.

The $60 plan offers unlimited talk and text, together with 500MB of data. In addition to the talk time and texts users can also get a 2GB of data by paying an extra $10.

Earlier, Verizon had offered 2GB of data and unlimited talk and texts for $80 a month and this plan is now turned to a $70 plan.

Though Verizon is calling it budget friendly,  actually the plans are far more expensive than a Verizon prepaid plan from 2011 which offered unlimited calls, texts, and mobile Internet for just $50 per month.

Meanwhile, the plan only covers 3G phones which run on Android, iOS, or BlackBerry handsets such as Samsung Illusion, HTC Droid Incredible 2 and most BlackBerry models.

According to Verizon network, the new cheaper plans are not available for the newly purchased handsets and also not applicable to Verizon’s 4G LTE network.

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