Unu Android Tablet Can Plug into a TV to Let You Play Games and Watch TV

Heaps of games have been designed for Android phones and tablets in recent years. Gaming Consoles like Ouya and GameStick were designed to put those games on TV and allows playing with a wireless game controller.

Now, the designers of Unu tablets have deviated from such path and have taken an interesting approach. Their new 7 inch tablet can be plugged in to TV and function the same the same way as a game console, but with a touchscreen display.


The Unu tablet with its docking station, remote control and optional game controller makes the process a little simpler. The tablet tags a price of $200.

If you think that Unu is just for gamers, then you are wrong. For those web addicts, video watchers and other internet freaks, Unu offers a model without the game controller.

The company is showing off the Unu tablet at the E3  this week. Not surprisingly, the company is highlighting its $250 Gaming Edition model with wireless controller and a carrying case.

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