Unique Viruses That Emerged in 2012

In the year of 2012, various computer viruses have caused much infection around the world. And here we try to list some of the viruses that have emerged in the past year. Have a look.

Police virus: Police viruses are a real headache to computer users and IT professionals. They show a message to the computer user that tells that their computer has been blocked because of the illegal downloading. It even asks to pay a fine.

Koobface: The Koobface spreads endless lies on social networks like President Obama punched someone who racially insulted him. It spreads untruthful sensational stories on social media.

BlackHole Exploit kit: BlackHole Exploit kit exploits different security holes to install and uses various kinds of exploits, particularly Java and Adobe.

DarkAngle: This fake antivirus  takes advantage of the Panda Security’s free cloud antivirus and it infected thousands of computers.

Kuluoz: It is a worm that arrives in an email that looks as it has been sent from FedEx, and it tells the users that they have a parcel to collect.

Flame: Flame is the most powerful cyber war tool that is a close relative of Stuxnet. This virus cause damages mainly in the Middle East.

Flashback: Flashback mainly targets Apple systems and reportedly it attacked thousands of Mac computers.

Zeus: A serious malware that steals information of online banking services. In the year 2012 new variants of this were detected, that targets those banks that send information via cellphone to its customers.

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