Try these Social Apps to Mingle with Friends

Where have all the people gone? We could sarcastically say that they are all indulged in their virtual social spaces. May be in future a person might have a much bigger circle of relations as technology allows him to do that at the blink of the eye. That might be a problem for some of them as they may fail to spare  time to actually meet someone in person. In the same way, some others have the social networks as a perfect medium for building relations and updating on that. Mobile devices have apps for most of the social networks out there. That said, the most prominent Facebook mobile app has 85.5 unique visitors. The number of visitors on Twitter falls right after Facebook.

If you adore experiencing some other social networks we are listing five of them so that you can enjoy a different dimension in the connecting with others.



Snapchat is a free app for Android and iOS devices. It allows users to send picture messages to friends in real-time. The photos automatically delete after 10 seconds, therefore this free app is often used for sending silly shots.



Foursquare is a free location-based app, which gives you directions, hours and menu. The app gets more personalized and gets better with time.



Vine is a video app from the developers of Twitter. The app lets users to take 6-second videos and then share them via Twitter or the app itself. This free iOS app also enables to shoot multiple scenes and incorporate all those clips into one video.




Pinterest is for those who like pinning everything – from recipes to humorous quotes. This free app lets you pin anything you like. You can also browse or rediscover things you’ve already pinned.

Facebook Messenger


With Facebook Messenger you don’t need to pay for texting. Using this free app, you will get notifications in real-time. This app also enables group chats.

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