Travel Apps you Need to Own this Holiday Season

This holiday season, many of you might be  planning  vacations and outings. Here we list three travel apps to make your trip much easier. 

Packing Pro

Packing Pro is a perfect app for regular travelers here you can add everything from pre-trip preparations to your clothing. If any particular item is not already included, the app gives you options to add them in the list. On the pre-trip planning section, it reminds you that you need to update your passport, buy travelers insurance, and other things.

Just Landed

This app uses your GPS location and current flight schedules to help you to pick your friend or family member at the exact time. This app is made for the person at the destination rather than the traveler.

HipGeo Travel Blog and Trip Journal

HipGeo lets you share photos and text from all your holiday adventures tied to your GPS location. You can post from even in remote areas with no WiFi or cell signal. HipGeo is a free app at the App Store and a great way to file a trip.

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