Transphone 1 Pro Starts Pre-Order Phase; Eye Catchy Specs Indeed

Transphone, the amateur competitor in the phone cum tablet arena, is all set to go ga ga with their latest Transphone 1 Pro.

For those who are new to this segment, the Transphone 1 has been in the market for some time. Now the device has been updated and currently its in the pre-order status.

The TransPhone consists of an unlocked GSM Android smartphone with a 3.5” high resolution 960 x 540 capacitive multi-touch screen. The phone offers all the usual benefits of any modern Android smartphone such as orientation changing, GPS, front and rear cameras, video etc.

The TransPad that comes along with the device is Transphone’s high resolution docking tablet that has a resolution of 1024 x 600. The TransPad does not have the CPU, memory, operating system and Wifi or 3G hardware in it. But when docked, it adopts the phones functionalities to it as if they are all its own. Only Transphones can be used with TransPads. The TransPhone slots into a neat and tough sliding drawer on the back of the TransPad which holds the phone securely.

Sliding the TransPhone into the TransPad wakes up the TransPad and from then on the two of them work together to give you a fully-functional, 7-inch 3G connected tablet which can do everything any other Wifi and 3G connected tablet can do. Sliding them apart again automatically turns off the TransPad.

When you slide the phone and the TransPad together (or apart) proprietary TransForm software changes the display from the phone function to the tablet function (or vice-versa) and adjusts the image for the new screen size.

The result allows you to see a lot more of the same thing on the TransPad than you could see on the TransPhone; about four times more, in fact. An unlocked TransPhone is less expensive than spreading out the cost of an expensive phone and an expensive tablet over expensive 2 year contracts.

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