Top New Features Announced by Google for Google+

At Google’s annual developer’s conference, the company has announced 41 new features for Google+, including a redesigned stream and a revamped Hangouts feature. With all these added features, Google’s social network now feels better and interesting. According to Google, these new features will be rolling out today. Here we list the best features of Google Plus. Have a look. 

Hangouts App


Google also unveiled a Hangout app for iOS, Android and Google Chrome. This app will also include Google Talk, Google+ Messenger, and the original Google+ Hangout video chatting service. Users can set a list of conservations as default and will be able to delete their history as they wish.

Related Hashtags

Hashtags have now been introduced in Google Plus. The new related hashtags feature allows Google+ to analyze your posts and recommend hashtags. By clicking these hashtags, you can get related items based on Google’s search and social sources. Also, trending topics can be viewed in the right hand corner of the stream.

Redesigned Stream


Google introduced a new redesigned stream to Google Plus that features an attractive multi-column design and allows users to scan more posts at a time. The new animation adds a nifty pop-out box when you want to share photos and videos.

Cloud Integration

Google has also unveiled a few photo improvements into Google + and  included auto enhancement and cloud integration. Google is now offering a 15GB of cloud storage space to full sized photos and an unlimited space at standard size.

Photo Editing Tools


Google can help you to find out your best photos by automatically pinpointing images that are blurry or bad. The advanced photo editing tools can also analyze the most important images to you based on the people in the photo. New editing and customization features can even select images in which the subjects are smiling, where as the Motion Pano stitches multiple images together.

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