Top Features of iOS7

During the WWDC event, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cooks announced a few new products and services including a revamped iOS and new iRadio. Here we list the top highlights of iOS7. Take a look.



Safari will be getting a new, full-screen view, which puts the focus on content rather than controls.

Camera and Moments


Apple’s new iPhone camera app comes with a wide range of filters and a new method to organize photos. There are also many methods to share photos, too, including iCloud, which now supports video sharing as well.



Siri has now got a new male voice option. Also, the new Siri in iOS 7 integrates with Wikipedia and Web search results from Bing.

App Store


Apple has introduced a new feature in its iOS7 that lets you search for apps based on criteria, such as age range.

iOS in the Car


Some car makers are introducing iOS in the car by 2014 that allows customers to get turn by turn directions, play music, and messages.

Activation Lock


Activation Lock is a new theft prevention method that requires anyone who swipes his phone to re-activate it using  iTunes credentials.



Apple has unveiled a new multitasking feature for apps in iOS 7. This feature will allow greater battery life and can tell you whether or not you have a good connection, to fetch data.

iTunes Radio


Apple’s new radio service, named iTunes Radio, aims to help listeners discover new artists through tons of curated stations based on genres.

Control Center


Apple has introduced a new ControlCenter to its iOS user interface so that it can be accessed from anywhere at any time.



Apple has announced a new peer-to-peer Wi-Fi sharing service with iOS 7 known as AirDrop.

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