Top 5 Nature Apps You Need to Own

It is not always possible to carry books like encyclopedias and travel guides where ever you go. It is only natural that you tend to  switch to the iPhone for information about nature or anything related to nature.  If you are a nature lover, then these 5 nature apps will definitely help you.

Every Trail Pro

Every Trail Pro is perfect for walkers, runners and bikers. It comes combined with iPhone’s multimedia, GPS, and graphical mapping features. Altogether it produces a consumer friendly geo-location app.  You are also allowed to create your own interactive trip map. The app is also included features like estimated time of arrival and journey distance.

Audubon Nature Apps

Audubon Nature app is perfect for those who want to learn more about the wildlife of a particular area. At present this app includes information on fauna, plant life and geography details of places like Canada, Florida, California, New England, Texas and the Rocky mountains.


The BirdsEye app is world’s best bird finding app that will help you for finding birds either from your local area, or across the world. BirdEye provides detailed info on birds and gives possible locations of the species. Any casual or expert birders can rely on this app because the details delivered are written by bird experts like Kenn Kaufman.

National Trust

National Trust, an app for the whole family, it will show the events listings of the upcoming attractions and informs some great places to visit whatever the time of year. It will also help to locate special places and find out about special events happening at them.

World Atlas HD

National Geographic’s World Atlas HD app comes with an easy to control interface and a decent amount of data. It is a useful app that shows an immense amount of information on countries and integrated with HD quality images and maps. You can take the full benefit of the app on an iPad.

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