Top 5 Fitness Gadgets for 2013

Gadgets that are helping in physical activities are not new. Whether you are exercising or not, these
devices will track, measure, record, report and even give you a message when it’s time to slow down. Have a look on these top 5 fitness gadgets for 2013.

BodyMedia CORE 2

Body Media Core 2

BodyMedia’s CORE 2 comes with four different sensors to provide the most comprehensive report about your body. This armband will gather the data while you’re hitting the gym or heading to a dinner party.

Fitbit Flex


Fitbit is an activity tracker that users can wear on the wrist. It track the steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled, hours slept, the amount of active time and the quality of sleep.

iRiver On Headset


The On headset, by iRiver, will connect to both Android and iOS devices via Bluetooth. It can report back pulse rate, distance traveled, speed and maximal oxygen consumption.

Si14 WearIT


WearIT by Si14, wrist band brings an entire Android interface along with the ANT plus protocol. It can be connected to health monitoring devices such as a compatible heart rate monitor or glucose meter and, paired with the GPS and pedometer.

Mio Alpha


Heart monitoring usually requires chest straps or obtrusive equipment, but with the Mio Alpha, heart health monitoring is now available at the flick of the wrist. Perfect for targeting your ideal heart rate while running or working out, the Mio Alpha will help you stay in the zone without adding extra bulk.

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