Top 10 Business Apps for You

Are you fed up with doing daily work all by yourself? Then you need to check for those apps which would help you with stuff –  from managing your schedule to your expenses. Here are top 10 apps that will offer you a much easier method to manage your business. Have a look to select the best ones for you. 

Tempo AI

Tempo AI

Tempo AI is acts like a personal assistant for your smartphone. It links calendar events to relevant emails and attachments for pending appointments, and gives directions to your next meeting location.



Seatguru helps you nab the best possible seat on your flight. The app comes with detailed plane maps created by travelers.



Feedly, a news-aggregator app, combines the latest articles from your favorite blogs and web publications along with any podcasts and YouTube channels you have subscribed to.


xeroXero acts like an accountant for the cloud. This money-managing web app allows you to link with banks, customers and online payment systems like PayPal.

Sleep Cycle


Sleep Cycle app uses motion sensors to analyze your sleep patterns, and wakes you up during the lightest phases of sleep.



Brewster is a contact-organization app that adds information from your various social profiles and from your phone’s address book.


Applause app

Applause is a web app that measures user satisfaction and app quality. It helps you to connect with the latest and greatest software tools for your devices.

Wi-Fi Finder


The Wi-Fi Finder provides you with a map of the nearest public Wi-Fi hotspots, so that you can rustle up an Internet connection even on the go.



Evernote, one the most popular apps in the market, has evolved a lot in the past. Its extended Penultimate version is a hand-writing app for taking notes on tablet.



SideCar app allows you search for drivers, book a ride, and pay for your travel via one single app. It is faster than a taxi service and has a donation based payment system.

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