Top 10 Android Tablet Apps for 2013

Although Android tablets show high sales rate, it could be difficult for a customer to find high-quality tablet apps for their Android device. That’s why today we have included the top 10 favorite apps for Android tablets. Have a look. 



Pulse is a powerful news app that organizes your feeds into a beautiful grid user interface that makes it easy to keep up with your favorite sites and breaking news stories.

Recipe Search


With Recipe Search app you can find new dishes to try or you can keep track of your favorite recipes. The app’s layout is perfectly designed for larger displays, which feature a magazine-style main screen.

Modern Combat


Tablets deliver Android’s true potential as a gaming platform. “Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour” is a first-person shooter game similar to the “Call of Duty” series, complete with intense, mission-style military gameplay. This app comes with both a single-player mode, and online multiplayer mode.



Snapseed is a photo app that provides easy-to-use, professional level photo-editing tools for those who want a deeper level of control over their pictures.



Dropbox app is a cloud storage solution, where you can automatically upload pictures, documents and whatever else you need to be stored.

Chameleon Launcher


Chameleon Launcher integrates several apps and services into your home screen. You can add in your Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram feeds, in to it.  It also let you create multiple, contextually-driven home screens.



Feedly is one of the most compelling alternatives to Google Reader. It lets users to view and interact with your RSS feeds, share content with their Twitter, Facebook and Google+ friends. It also allows users to save the content.



Weather is the best weather tablet app on in the Google Play Store. It is packed with features like a touch-scrollable temperature-versus-precipitation chance graph, and humidity dewpoint information.

Sketchbook Express


Sketchbook Express app allows you to create colorful works of art while taking advantage of the full screen. Sketchbook app comes with 15 brush styles so that you can fine-tune your sketches.

Amazon Kindle


Amazon’s Kindle app gives you access to millions of e-books and a robust app interface that lets you customize your reading experience. With the Android app, you can also bookmark pages, highlight passages, use the built-in dictionary and take notes in the margins.

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