Top 10 Android Apps

Android has been reporting a high on popularity, as it supports excellent smartphones and tablets. Here we list the top 10 Android apps you can fill your new Android devices with.



Saga is a tool that uses personal information and your phone’s GPS to generate a chronological record of your life. The app creates an interactive timeline of you life using location, pictures and notes.

Light Flow

Light FlowThis app lets it users to customize their phone’s notifications such as text messages, missed calls, new emails and calendar reminders. And if your battery is running out of juice, Light Flow will only show high-priority notifications.


DoggCatcherDoggCatcher is an audio-playing app that helps to download podcasts. It also lets users to change the play speed inside the app.

Weather Signal


This app uses your phone’s environmental sensors to deliver weather reports. The app also provides data from other Weather Signal users.

Whale Trail Frenzy

Whale Trail Frenzy

This adorable game starts off gently, but quickly becomes incredibly challenging. You can also upgrade the game and spend some real money.

TuneIn Radio Pro

TuneInTuneIn Radio Pro provides powerful features such as pausing and recording live radio. It also allows creating wake-up alarms set to the sound of your favourite station.


FixyaFixya offers an online community that helps to repairs to all manner of items, from household appliances and games consoles, to smartphones and satnavs. Videos are accompanied by explanations, and a full comments and voting system.

Hill Climb Racing

Hill ClimbingThis is a 2D game that comes with superb physics system, rollercoaster terrain and gently increasing difficulty curve make this a joy to play.

Adobe Photoshop Touch for phones

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe’s latest smartphone app is the best complete mobile photo editing suite that offers an extensive range of filters and effects.

Super Hexagon

Super HexagonSuper Hexogen is a simple addictive game that comes with different twists and a beautiful soundtrack that matches its rhythm.

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