Tips to Save the Battery Life of your iPhone 5

Apple’s iPhone5 is meant for multitasking but using it for long hours for email, calls, and messaging can quickly drain its battery. But you can extend your iPhone’s battery life by using a few effective techniques. Here we list those simple steps to improve your iPhone 5′s battery life.

Sleep After Just One Minute

AutolockIn iPhone 5 users can adjust the lit up time for their handset. You can save the battery life by adjusting the lit up time.

Adjust screen brightness



Though Apple provides you the freedom to adjust your iPhone’s screen brightness, the high brightest setting will hurt your eyes and also drain your battery faster. So, always keep the brightness to the lowest level.

Turn off Equalizer


Equalizer a feature in iPhone adjusts base and treble when you’re playing a song.  But your smartphone has to work harder and it need much power to deliver this functionality. So, turn off the EQ when you really don’t need the feature.

Update your OS


Always update your iOS, because it improves software functions as well as your iPhone’s battery life. So make sure that  you update your OS whenever Apple issues an update.

Turn off Push Email


Every time when you check your inbox it uses battery resources to search any new messages or emails. By turning Push off, you can save your device’s battery.

Turn off Bluetooth


While driving and making phone calls you definitely need Bluetooth service. But turn off this setting when you don’t need the technology. It can save some battery life of the handset.

Turn off Siri Raise to Speak


Siri, the voice assistant in iPhone 5 takes much of the battery life. So disable or turn off Siri entirely when you don’t need it.

Turn off notifications


iPhone 5 lets you know the list of missed call, text message or notification within an app. But this notification service drains iPhone 5’s juice faster. So, try to turn off notifications when you don’t need it.

Turn off Location Services

Location service

Many of the apps in iPhone 5 use Location Services to provide you directions and suggestions such as restaurant names and attractions in the area. When you download such an app, you automatically enable Location Services and it requires lot of juice.

Use Wi-Fi, not 4G


One of the best features of the iPhone 5 is its 4G LTE speeds. But using the 4G speeds all the time is bad for battery life. It is better to use Wi-Fi over 4G, so that it can save the battery life.

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