Teens in Love with Apple Products

Apple iPhones and iPads are getting high on popularity among teenagers, says a survey. According to a Piper Jaffery semi-annual study among 7,700 teens, the iPhone and iPad usage continues its growth.

The survey report shows that 40% of participants own an iPhone that is almost double the 23% of teenagers who possessed an iPhone in 2011. In spring 2012 this number was fixed at 34%. That means 6 percent growth since spring, says the survey.

Considering the tablets, the survey found that 44% of teenagers now own some sort of a tablet device and 72% of those using an iPad. Meanwhile, 43% of those planning to purchase a tablet are keen to buy iPad if Apple launched a smaller iPad priced at $299. Three out of four in the survey plans to buy a tablet and it would be an iPad.

The survey results point to the fact that iPhone is getting popular among teens, the 62 percent of participants wish to purchase iPhone as their next phone where only 22 percent of teens were inclined towards the Android smartphones. After iPhones, the next popular device is definitely an Android rig. Teenagers are also looking forward to the Apple’s rumored upcoming iPad mini.

The overall results of analysis shows that Apple is now targeting young users because it will help the company to lock its customers for the future.

Apple’s iPad touch is considered as a gateway device to attract younger users into the Apple ecosystem.

But now the continued sales growth of iPhones and iPads in general is a clear evidence for teenagers’ interest towards Apple products.

Recently a Chinese newspaper reported news about a teenager who sold one of his kidneys to buy an iPhone and an iPad.

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