T-Mobile Subscribers Consume up to 760MB Data a Month

T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray revealed the numbers on data used by smartphone users on its network, at the NGNM conference in San Francisco. It stands at 760MB per month for regular users and 1.3GB per month for those owning 42 Mbps dual-carrier HSPA+ phones such as the new HTC One S.

It doesn’t look like a big deal, does it? But actually, it will turn out to be more significant as you read on.

As you know, T-Mobile has the fastest 3G networks and one of the most liberal data caps in the industry. Plus lets you use your phone’s mobile hotspot capabilities free of charge. All this makes user consume more of the data he pays for conveniently.

Cisco Systems’ Visual Networking Index calculated the average U.S. smartphone in 2011 consumed only 201 MB per month. Globally, Ericsson’s Traffic and Market Report found that in the first quarter iPhones and Android devices consumed roughly 350 MB per month. Yes, the 720 MB that T-Mobile subscribers consume is much more than 350MB.

Now, let us look at Sprint, it still offer unlimited plans, but more of its smartphones are on its CDMA network where there is the issue of speed. Plus Sprint doesn’t extend free mobile hotspot capabilities to its customers, so they end up using less of the data they pay for.

Another point to be noted is that carriers do not usually reveal the data consumption figures, as it will be similar to acknowledging in public that they are ripping of the customers. According to Chetan Sharma Consulting, only 30 percent of U.S. smartphone subscribers exceed 1 GB each month, yet their most common tiers are 2 GB and 3 GB plans.

So why is T-Mobile doing this? T-Mobile customers pay a lot less for data and consume much more of the allotment they pay for. Well, this could also be another act opposing Verizon’s proposed acquisition of the cable operators’ spectrum, as it can now show how much its subscribers consume over the limited spectrum resources it owns.

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