T-Mobile Starts LTE Update for Galaxy Note II

For those who own a Samsung Galaxy Note II smartphone on T-Mobile and waiting for the LTE network, you’re lucky. Because T-Mobile USA is rolling out an LTE update that enables the internal LTE radios in the device and will allow you to take advantage of the fast network.

Though T-Mobile is the last carrier to launch LTE, the carrier is making things happen very quickly. The carrier has not launched their LTE network across the whole country, but there are some areas where we can pick T-Mobile LTE service on our smartphones.

T-Mobile LTE

So if you have a Samsung Note II then check for updates in Settings > About phone > Software updates and then download it. Don’t worry if you didn’t received notification of the update in your Galaxy Note II device. Usually these kinds of updates are rolled out over a few weeks.

Normally, LTE network shows high speeds but when more people log into LTE, the normal speed get slacken down. Every new LTE networks are experiencing this. Therefore, it is not a big deal if your network is getting slower speeds.

T-Mobile’s LTE network roll out is expected to cover over 100 million people by the middle of 2013 and 200 million people by the end of the year. That means, you don’t have to wait too long to use your Galaxy Note 2 on T-Mobile with LTE speeds.

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