T-Mobile Galaxy SIII to Come Sporting Leaked Prices; Expensive Compared to Other Carriers

T-Mobile has finally unveiled all the required data on its launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S3. This includes the device’s actual availability date and price.

As per the plan, the US carrier will primarily launch the Galaxy SIII on its 29 huge markets across the country today.

Post-providing T-Mobile with the honor of selling the first SIII via their stores, these phones will be available for pick-up at retail locations.

T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy SIII is a bit more costly than its competitors. While the cheapest price of the new smartphone is $149.99 for AT&T users; buying through Amazon Wireless makes the average price range between $199 and $249.

T-Mobile offers the Galaxy SIII for $229.99 on its Value data plan and $279.99 with a Classic data plan. The only affordable figure when it comes to T-Mobile in case of SIII is the off-contract price. It seems cheaper at $629.99.

Why the price tag of SIII on T-Mobile is higher than that of others? No sure answer can be said right now.

There is no point in walking through speculations. Whatever it is, all T-Mobile fans are hoping that the company knows what they are doing. Otherwise this difference in price can seriously affect the turnover as SIII is becoming the most sought after phone all over the world .

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