Survey Finds One in Five Consumers Interested in Buying Apple iWatch

What makes Apple the top favorite of many customers? The company has a huge fan following and the fanboys would  absolutely buy anything Apple brings to the market – be it  a thinner laptop or a fancier iPhone.

But what about a product like iWatch, which hasn’t released as yet? A new survey report shows that one in five would be interested in picking up the rumored iWatch from Apple.  

iWatch Concept

The customer survey was conducted by ChangeWave Research and published on Friday. It indicates that 5 percent of consumers considered themselves very likely to purchase the iWatch (though Apple has not confirmed it) and another 14 percent says that they are somewhat likely to do the same.

The survey included over 1,713 consumers in North America and a total of 19 percent participants indicated that they would like to purchase Apple’s rumored watch device.

What is the real driving force behind the customer interest in Apple devices? The answer is simple. It is Apple track record of delivering ultra-convenient and easy to use products. Their high quality products help the company to achieve a huge number of loyal customers around the world.

Although Apple has never confirmed or denied the rumors regarding this device, this non-existing rig has the potential to be another huge success for the company.

Rumors of an Apple smart watch first surfaced earlier this year and a number of reports have suggested that Apple is developing a wearable wrist accessory.

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