Surface RT is the Most Popular Windows 8 Device

Microsoft Surface RT is said to be the most popular Windows 8/RT device, says the AdDuplex, the largest ad network for Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps.

According to AdDuplex, Surface is the most popular device that runs on Windows 8/RT with 11 percent of the overall market.  Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has been quoted as saying the device sales were relatively strong in their shops. The $499 model was sold out about a week online.

Meanwhile, Nokia holds the top position among manufacturers of Windows Phone handsets.

The report also says that HP was the largest brand among Windows 8/RT devices with 17 percent and Microsoft was in the second place with 11 percent. The list continues with Dell in the third position (10 percent) and Acer coming at fourth with 9 percent.

While taking the Windows Phone devices, Nokia Lumia 710 was the top windows device with 22 percent. Other Nokia devices like Lumia 800 also have  large market value. The latest Nokia device Lumia 920 has spotted at the eighth place.

Since its debut Windows Phone 8 has attained about four percent of the overall Windows Phone market, where as the Windows Phone 7.10 operating system dominated with 96 percent.

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