Sprint iPhone5 Shows Best Call Quality

An informal test  conducted by CNET found that Sprint iPhone5 has better audio quality than the other US carriers.  They first made a call from AT&T’s iPhone 4S.

Then they made a call from iPhone5 using all the three carrier models including AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. The calls were made with the handset directly and compared using the voicemail recordings.

The recording shows a clear difference between both the models of iPhone, the latest version iPhone 5 comes with a noticeable background noise.

While considering the carriers, Sprint is the real winner. It produces a loud, clear and better noise than the other two top carriers. The audio sample shows better sound effects.

But the AT&T’s version of iPhone5 exhibited most compressed and unclear noise. It was pretty bad and shows some graininess.

The call made from Verizon’s iPhone 5 was a bit clearer while comparing with AT&T with less background noise. But it also reveals some hiss and popping.

Sprint’s version of iPhone5 produces the better call quality with richness and clarity. The transmission was clear without any fuzzy background noise.

Though the test was unscientific but it demonstrates the importance of network quality.

Apple has released its iPhone5 with three different versions in which the AT&T iteration uses GSM technology where the Verizon and Sprint versions both operate on CDMA networks. All the three carriers support 4G LTE on different bandwidths.

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