Sony Xperia Z Likely to Ride T-Mobile in the US

We do agree with the fact that Xperia Z is the best among Sony’s entire fleet of smartphones available in the market right now. The Xperia Z is estimated to have sold 4.6 million units around the globe which is great considering the heavy weight competition in the premium league of smartphones. Japan is in fact seeing a surge in demand.


Presumably that’s what Sony is expecting to repeat in the North American soil. There is unlocked version of Sony Xperia Z and ZL already available for purchase in the US. Carrier Cinciantti Bell is offering the Xperia ZL on contract, but there hasn’t been anyone to take Xperia Z with a contract until now.

Sony CEO Kaz Hirai on the D11 conference has confirmed that Xperia Z will be coming soon with a US carrier, but sadly he hasn’t specified on the details regarding the carrier or the time of arrival. “We will make an announcement about the Xperia Z with a carrier very shortly,” said Hirai.

Judging from the rumors and the recent FCC filing, the possibility is that the Xperia Z would arrive on T-Mobile .

For Sony, the US market is pretty challenging when it comes to smartphones. They say they still have a lot of stuff to do in the US. Partnerships like these are seemingly a bigger chance for them to have a stronger footprint in the mobile arena.  Let’s hope Sony would do that Z style.

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