Sony Xperia Ion is Good, But Not So Smart [Video]

After a decade of manufacturing cell phones under the Sony Ericsson brand, Sony has decided to take a bold step of making cell phones on its own. All you out there have already heard that.

Sony’s Xperia Ion is the first in the line. Comparing it with other mid-range Android phones, Xperia Ion is a hefty smartphone at 144g.

This 4-5 inch device draws attention with its metal backing and compact feel. This Xperia ion is basically a business class phone. What makes it special is that it is the company’s first 4G smartphone for theUS.

It has some great features, like a splendid multimedia feast and fast data speeds. It is reasonable also when it comes to the price.

However, the handset has other major issues such as poor battery life and low call volume. Its 4.6-inch screen makes it large in your hand.

The Xperia Ion’s display is a 4.6-inch, 720p LCD panel. Sony Xperia Ion runs Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread instead of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

The excuse the company has on that is that it needs time to update.

It has included another feature called “Liveware manager” With this you can launch apps by simply plugging in a charger or a headset.

The handset is powered by a 1.5GHz dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM, but unlike most other LTE phones in the market it’s using an MSM8260 Qualcomm S3 processor instead of the S4.

Talking of the camera, it includes a 12-megapixel camera which provides great picture quality. The Xperia Ion is an affordable Android smart phone but may not seem up to the mark for those who have played with high end smartphones. Either due to the outdated software or due to the obsolete hardware, it stays miles behind from the Galaxy S III and One X in terms of performance, battery life and efficacy.

Would you want one?

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