Sony Offers Free PS3 or PS Vita with Notebook Purchase

Sony is offering students and teachers a free PS3 or PS Vita with the purchase of their certain laptops starting at $746.89.

The deal sounds great, so if you are a student or teacher looking for a brand new laptop for the next academic year, it would be good if you go for this.

The deal also offers a discount on other PlayStation gear instead of the game consoles if you do not need any of them on offer.

The discount they provide would be $200 off the PlayStation gear you choose; it would most probably be accessories.

As mentioned above, this special deal is attached to certain models only. The new Sony VAIO T ultrabook is one among them. If you are not looking for anthin machine, then there are other notebooks also in the offer. It includes 13.3-inch and 15.5-inch screens in the S range.

So which would you go for? Well, the S series notebooks are for $775.99 and $824.49 respectively.

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