Sleeper Hands Free Stand to Hold your Smartphone

Smartphones have developed over the years to such a level these days that one can safely say they have become the lifeblood for many out there.

A lot of us do store our fair share of music and visual entertainment on our smartphones, and we know that these devices are not exactly the lightest devices around.

It would have been really great if one could enjoy the most recently downloaded movie on a long trip without worrying about the cramped hands.

Having to hold your phone and crane your neck while you’re lying down is very much tedious.

Here’s where this gadget comes in!

With this adjustable, hands-free stand for your smartphone, now you can watch and play while you relax.

This is where the$34.99 SmartPhone Sleeper Hands-Free Stand steps in, letting you lay in comfort with your smartphone in tow.

It is extremely easy to use and set up, since there are no bolts, screws or adhesives to deal with.

The Hands Free stand works with a number of smartphones out there, including those running on the iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry platforms.

When the Hands Free Stand is not in use, you can easily tuck it under your mattress or seat cushion for easy storage.

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