Smartphone Photographers, Try These Tips

All of us share those glorious photos from our smartphones on various social networking sites. Here we list a few tips that can help you to click  better photos with your smartphone. Have a look.

Watch the sun

Photo 4

Sunny conditions are suitable for taking excellent pictures with rich blue skies and luscious greens, but while photographing, watch where those shadows fall and think about the best side to take a shot.

Keep it steady

To get beautiful pictures, keep your phone always steady while taking photos. It will certainly help you get a better image.

Clean the lens

Photo 2

Before taking pictures with smartphones, make sure that the lens is clear from those smeary marks.

Keep the sound down, speed things up

Photo 5

Some smartphones insist on using a range of beeping noises, while others slow down the camera. Therefore, take a shot to see the effect of shutter noise and also consider previews.

Software aid

There are a variety of free apps such as Photoshop Touch, Snapseed, Perfectly Clear, Instagram, Vignette, Camera360  available to improve the quality of your photos.

Focus well

Photo 1

Focusing is the main element for getting a sharp picture. So, give your phone enough time to focus correctly and make sure that it is actually focused.

Use  flash

The flash on your smartphone can reveal shadow detail in close-up shots in sunny conditions and it can be useful.

Zap the zoom

Photo 3

If you want the subject to be bigger, then move closer, or try cropping the image. But avoid the zooming.

Compose well

While taking photos, think about what you’re trying to show and how it would look like.

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