Six Tech Features for Every New Car

As the car industry continues to evolve, users expectations have also gone up. Here we try to list a few car tech features which we expect to be part of every new car in the near future.

Bluetooth Connectivity


Bluetooth is the best way to attend phone calls while driving. Earlier, Bluetooth hands-free systems were available in only expensive vehicles. But now  automakers have started to make Bluetooth a standard in their 2012 and 2013 vehicles. Within a year or two, nearly every new car will have standard hands-free connectivity.

USB/iPod Connectivity

USB Connectivity

These days any automaker that doesn’t offering USB connectivity for digital media as a standard feature is considered old fashioned. You can carry an entire music library on a USB key or iPod device.

Rearview Camera

Rear Camera

The US government is going to make rear view cameras as a required safety feature. Therefore, automakers have continued to build cars with rear camera, which offers rear visibility.

Car-centric App Integration

Car cenetric app

This technology is already making its way into cars. A good app integration system should allow you to quickly access your favorite streaming-radio app, navigation app, location sharing app and voice commands.

Blind-spot monitoring

Blindspot monitoring

This extra set of electronic eyes helps to watching the back side of the vehicle.

Do Not Disturb mode

Do not disturb

A Do Not Disturb feature silences calls and texts, automatically responding via SMS that you’re driving. This Do Not Disturb mode is totally optional and could be as simple as putting the phone into a silent, no-vibration mode.

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