Siri vs S Voice: The Fight is on between Apple and Samsung

Apple and Samsung are battling it out to dominate the smartphone world. Samsung launching the Galaxy S III with S Voice to compete with Siri is yet another proof. Let’s have a little comparison between the two voice assistants, shall we?

When Siri was launched along with the iPhone 4S, it was a star. But there definitely was room for improvement. Apple has decided to make major improvements with Siri in iOS 6, including the ability to launch apps and perform Twitter and Facebook updates with voice activation.

Siri will be integrated with the new maps app from Apple as well; allowing it to give you turn by turn navigation instructions and tell you how much distance has been covered.

S-Voice already has the ability to launch apps and can help you with turn-by-turn navigation, so Samsung scores that point.

Apple is also planning to put Siri in the steering wheel of compatible cars fromToyota, GM, Mercedes, BMW, Honda, and Audi.

Features of Samsung’s voice assistant includes the ability to wake the GS3 with your voice and also unlocking the device with voice recognition, ability to voice dial, compose a memo, schedule tasks, search contacts, take photos, answer calls, search the Web, and tweet, all with the voice, as well as sending emails and texts, adjusting the volume and more.

So both Siri and S Voice are cool. But CNET says Siri will be a bit cooler in the long run, explaining its advantages over S Voice. It pointed out that Siri is further down the road of development. Also, only the GS3 has S Voice now whereas almost every device that supports iOS will able to use Siri.

What is your thought on Siri vs S Voice?

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  1. CJ says:


    Just a bit of advice from a consumer for Apple / SIRI. Work out the kinks! Research what the consumers and those who prefer S Voice over SIRI are saying they DO NOT LIKE about the Apple / Siri software and fix the issues already. Innovation does not always equal success if you cannot correct the problems you have created. Siri has unspent potential that when paired with Apple, could be the new Microsoft and much more. Fix the flaws and make it work. We who love Apple want to love SIRI just as much!

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