Screen Comparison: Samsung Galaxy S III Vs iPhone5

The Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III are the two top devices in the current mobile market. Both the devices have been reviewed and compared   many a time and this time around let us measure their screen performance.


Apple iPhone 5 is capable to produce four times as much output as Galaxy SIII. The iPhone’s screen is much brighter and this makes it easier to read. The Galaxy S III is nearly 50 times darker than the iPhone5.


iPhone 5 has a record setting contrast rating that directly related to the increased visibility in the bright light. But Galaxy S III has low contrast and brightness, may be because of their software or the power management system.

In a dark environment, Samsung has a better contrast, especially while taking a nighttime photo. But under normal room lighting particularly in a daytime sky, iPhone will provide a more legible, clearer image.


Reflectance is a major property of mobile displays and less reflective displays create less glare. The iPhone 5 comes with a very low reflectance of 4.6% — compared to the Galaxy SIII’s 5%. But both the devices have a cover glass bonded to their display’s that helps in reflectance.

Color accuracy

The iPhone color comes extremely close to the sRGB/Rec. 709 standard gamu. That means it produces much more realistic, natural color. The iPhone device is beter in terms of RGB balance.

If you prefer over saturated colors, you will like the Galaxy S better, and if you want more accurate color then the iPhone 5 is perfect for you.

Variation with viewing angle

In iPhone5 there is small color shifts with viewing angle but in Samsung Galaxy S III, it will be a medium color shift with viewing angles.


Samsung produce a very good OLED display where iPhone5 comes with much better display than Galaxy S III.

Overall while comparing the major difference between the iPhone5 and Samsung Galaxy S III, the iPhone 5’s screen is much better than that of Samsung Galaxy device.

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