Samsung to Introduce Brain Controlled Tablet

Samsung Galaxy SIV, the latest flagship device from Samsung did come with futuristic features such as Eye Scroll and Air Gesture that let users to scroll through pages using eye movement. The South Korean tech giant is now working on brain controlled tablets! In order to achieve this, Samsung’s Emerging Technology Lab has collaborated with Roozbeh Jafari, an assistant Professor of electrical engineering at the University of Texas.

Samsung Brainwave Tablet

The researchers are currently using Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and working on the possibility of launching a new application, powering on/off or selecting a song or a contact via brainwave.

Early research shows that it is quite possible and if they succeed in creating brain-controlled tablets, then it could help people with mobility issues to accomplish daily tasks.

The technology uses ECG-controlled technique and makes use of a cap studded with EEG-monitoring electrodes. Researchers have already demonstrated opening apps by simply concentrating on icons.

Till now, researchers have not succeeded in developing a prototype,  but their ultimate goal is to make dry EEG sensors that can be embedded in a cap. This cap will be wearable and will eliminate the need of touching or typing.

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