Samsung Outs a Different Galaxy S III for South Korea

The Samsung Galaxy S III is already this month’s trending topic. The much awaited phone had send fans berserk over the novel features. No doubt S III has propelled brand Samsung to new heights.

It may also be noted that the design of the phone had invited scowls from many phone fads, but the phone has hit record pre-release orders.

Earlier, the iPhone 4S had faced a similar scenario on its release, but it never reflected a bit on its whopping sales. We also guess the same thing is happening over the 3rd edition Galaxy S.

Taking apart the mind-blowing innovations Sammy has brought to the technical aspect of the phone; it’s a blatant truth that SIII’s design did not match what people wanted.

If you are little dissatisfied by the SIII’s international design, probably you would like the Samsung’s home edition of the Galaxy SIII much more. The Korean version of SIII shows more kinship to its predecessor, while the global edition looks like a tweaked Google Nexus.

The South Korean SIII, however, will be sacrificing its quad core processor for a simpler dual-core, as the former is incompatible with LTE. Samsung has opted for the quad-core against the LTE for international edition, which company thinks is more suitable for global users.

There is no official verification about any other differences between both the editions of SIII. However, comparing the photos, we found that the rectangular home edition of the Galaxy SIII is a tad bigger than the curvy other. It may be a matter of perception or just another annoying Photoshop work.

Never mind about the phone size, which design will you prefer if you are offered with a choice?

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