Samsung Introduces New Stand Pouch for the Galaxy Note 8.0

Good news for people who are considering to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. At the Mobile World Congress event, Samsung has introduced a new Stand pouch for its latest tablet.

Though it looks like a simple pouch cover, it can be folded into a kick-stand for the tablet with various viewing angles. The Stand Pouch for the Galaxy Note 8.0 is soft  inside and keeps the device safe.

Samsung Note8

While watching a Youtube clip you can put it at a high angle or lay it at a lower angle so that you can type comfortably in it. The Stand pouch is made of a nice textured material.

Samsung is offering the pouch with different color options. It comes in 3 colors including black, gray and lime.

Samsung has also introduced a second cover for the device, which is a Book cover. It doesn’t fully cover the tablet and has holes in it for the camera and also for the front speaker/earpiece. It is also available in different color options like white, red and lime.

Samsung’s tablet covers are pretty slim and they won’t add extra width to the device.

Have a look on the above image of Samsung Stand Pouch. What do you think?

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