Samsung Gets 9 million Pre-orders for Galaxy S3

Samsung is on a dream ride, celebrating the commanding position in the current mobile handset market. High-end and mid-range phone variants from the Samsung’s Galaxy range are already ruling the industry.

Sammy had announced its third generation Galaxy S phone earlier this month. The latest report on Samsung is that it has obtained around 9 million orders for its flagship phone before its market debut on May 29 inGermany. This will be a record-breaking collection.

Galaxy S III phone was a highly anticipated gadget much before its official announcement. Samsung plans to distribute the Galaxy S3 via more than 100 global carriers, as per the report of the Korea Economic Daily.

With a formidable support of Google’s Android OS, Samsung has quite simply surpassed Apple to be the world’s largest smartphone maker in the Q1 of 2012. Apple, which retains a high brand value, is beaten because of the versatility and the flexibility Android OS has over the iOS.

However, there was no direct confirmation from Samsung Electronics Co. about the 9 million mark. The unidentified Samsung official, who revealed the news to the daily, also added that the firm’sSouth Koreaplant is functioning in its maximum capacity of 5 million units per month.

Samsung has refused to comment on the matter. But tracing back a month, Samsunghas stated that the upcoming 3rd gen Galaxy S smartphone would “substantially contribute” to its second-quarter earnings, which forces us to deduce that the news could be true.


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