Samsung Galaxy SIII Scores Big on Various Fronts

With all the three major carriers launching the Samsung Galaxy SIII, there is a scenario now that compels the buyers to go through the advantages of this amazing phone in the networks. There are tests going on by different analysts and the results are as follows.

The speed test was the basic and most fundamental test that was carried out. The results of the test were really astounding. Verizon clearly out threw its rivals by clocking download speeds of around 33.89Mbps while the top speeds of its competitors came out to be only around 6.76 and 20.64Mbps only.

It was like Verizon was an emperor while the others remained just peasants. The only time Verizon SIII didn’t make an impression was with the case with its battery backup.

Overnight standby only accounted for about 6 hours, which conveys the idea that every day, the Verizon SIII should get charged at least twice or thrice to keep the device working.

With the regular four Verizon apps, the latest addition is the ‘Color’ app that aids in photo sharing and editing for facebook.

The only bug that was found was that whenever the lock feature is used in combination with the basic swipe lock, the lock-screen does not appear as it should.

Hopefully, this bug will be removed at the first update and in short, Verizon has done an incredible job with its Galaxy SIII.

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