Samsung Galaxy SIII Houses STMicroelectronics Pressure Sensors

Have you ever checked your Samsung Galaxy SIII smartphone? No? Then you need to fast. And you will find a mysterious STMicroelectronics LSP331 AP chip in the motherboard of the device.

For those who are unaware of this chip, lets tell you, it is a pressure sensor attached to the device. It is a new generation pressure sensor and therefore STMicroelectronics has taken the pain to elaborate on it to the mainstream audience.

This chip is equipped with piezoresistor and tracks altitude through atmospheric pressure.  It is so much accurate that it will even tell you when you are travelling between two floors. 

The sensor can work with all kind of pressure, which includes 32,800 feet above and 5,900 feet below sea level. It works well even if you are climbing a mountain or skydiving.

With its accurate functionality, this device has a lot of possibilities in many fields – it could be useful in indoor navigation, Google Maps and in sports.

Currently, no one other maker other than Samsung is offering this ST pressure sensor  in their devices, but no wonder if it would become a core element in future smartphones.


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