Samsung Galaxy SIII Gets Set for Stateside Debut

The world acknowledges that the iPhone has met its match with the Samsung Galaxy S series phones. And the latest in the series, Galaxy S III is about to hit the US market this month via several carriers.  Except for the logo and trademark apps, the phone is identical for all the service providers.

On the technical and design front, this Android phone outdoes iPhone completely. It has a bigger screen than the latest iPhone all the while being slimmer and lighter.

A 4.8 inch AMOLED screen, 8MP camera and the ICS Operating System makes this phone more desirable. Phone provides worthy performances in all vital sectors like photography, web browsing and voice calling.

But what distinguishes the device from others are the standalone features like tap sharing and S-Voice. Samsung engineers have also pushed many other tweaks that could allure the phone buffs, but majority of them are elusive in its setup.

There are many unique sharing features in the Galaxy SIII phone; however the downbeat is that majority of these features work only if the other person has the same phone.

Galaxy S III may get more efficient when the newer versions of Android appear the horizon. Samsung have also allocated additional space for the upcoming OS updates.

The phone will debut in the US on T-Mobile and Sprint, and then on AT&T. Verizon Wireless customers will have to wait for the start of next month. A 16 GB version of the phone’s price starts with $200 along with a two-year contract, while the costlier 32 GB edition will be also available except on AT&T.

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