Samsung Galaxy SIII Gets Rooted

The whole of the web world is now full of Samsung SIII news and it looks like this is the most ‘talked about’ phone in the last 2 years. The latest news reveals that the much discussed device got rooted.

It has only been a couple of days since AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile has launched the new SIII. There are of course the usual dangers of rooting with this one too. But, fortunately Samsung has an ODIN app that will come to aid if anything goes wrong.

Rooting an Android smartphone/tablet is the process by which the user bypasses all the limitations put in place by the device manufacturer. As SIII is already a very powerful device, by rooting, the device will be much more than what the customer has paid for.

Currently, the greatest advantage that rooting provides is the ability to install powerful applications that require more-than-usual privileges. The features that will get unlocked are quite powerful and the user can do almost everything with his phone.

This includes ‘File Expert’ that will let the user access and edit the whole system organization of the phone’s memory. SetCPU will allow the user to speed up or slow down the device’s chip for more performance/battery life. Network Spoofer or sometimes called the Wi-Fi Kill can be unlocked to mess around with people on wireless networks.

Also, there is ProxyDroid using which the user can connect to Wi-Fi networks which have proxy settings. Market Enabler will enable access to Google Play in other countries for specific apps.

The unlocked ROM Manager will aid the user in managing custom ROMs. Chainfire3D will help in running NVIDIA Tegra games on unsupported phones. Along with all this, Android’s built-in backup and restore functionality is pretty weak.

Third-party alternatives do a much, much better backup and restoring, but the best ones require root access. Thus with the rooting available for SIII, it has grown much above the pretense of a smartphone and hope it aids in making lives better.

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