Samsung Galaxy S IV Eyes 100 Million Units Sales

The upcoming flagship device from Samsung may cause troubles to Apple. While the entire tech world is waiting for the Samsung  Galaxy SIV, some reports suggest that Samsung has already geared up to  sell over 100 million units of the device.

The company has already sold over 50 million units of Galaxy S III, so it is natural that this time around Samsung is aiming at a much bigger market.

Galaxy S4The market sales of Samsung products increased with each product launch. The Galaxy S sold 20 million units and the S II did 40 million. About the S III, the device is still a hot product in the market. If Samsung will succeed in continuing  its sales, the new flagship might do well.

Samsung is planning to sell over 500 million phones in the year 2013, in which 390 million sales are expected to be from smartphones. If the rumors are true then Samsung will require huge money for manufacturing the Galaxy SIV.

Some analysts suggest that Samsung’s plans for Galaxy SIV will cause troubles to Apple, as some suppliers reallocate the sources away from Apple. Apple is also facing problems in the manufacturing of their next iPhone 6.

The Galaxy S IV is expected to have 4.99-inch full 1080p HD display, and will be powered by the new quad-core processor. The device will also include a 13 megapixel camera, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, and the S-Pen stylus. Samsung may unveil the device on March 15.

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