Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Gets Jelly Bean Update in South Korea

Samsung has started the Jelly Bean update for its Samsung Galaxy 10.1 4G LTE  device. The new update is first received in South Korean carriers and will gradually expand to other places.

The update not only includes LTE but also offers VoLTE on the devices. From now, if you need to make a voice call from the tablet device, you can do it without losing your data. By using Bluetooth or wired headsets you can make calls.

The update will add many new features of Jelly Bean OS like the Multi Window functionality to the tablet device. This feature allows two apps to run at the same time and in the Samsung 10 inch tablet,  it fits perfectly.

The update also improved the S Pen functionality and added Air-View that grants a preview of photos and video galleries, message content, calendar entries, and other data. The Quick Command triggers new emails, searches, and other features with an upward swipe.

Samsung ensure the Jelly Bean software updates to other models of the Note 10.1 around the world in both 3G and Wifi configurations. But the company hasn’t  mentioned the actual rollout dates for the update on other areas.

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