Samsung Galaxy III S Voice App Now Available for Download; Not Official Though

Ever longed for iPhone’s Siri-like app on your Android smartphone? We know the majority answer will be ‘YES’. Many have told us that they felt belittled when their iPhone touting friends boasted the facility. In case you are going to have a Samsung Galaxy SIII with S Voice app, you can stand heads up among your iPhone buddies.

However, if you don’t belong to either group, we say there is backdoor entry to get your hands on this technology if you own an Ice Cream Sandwich Android Phone.

Don’t go searching for the app on Google Play store; there is no way the exclusive Galaxy SIII S Voice app is listed there. But you may find it downloadable in APK file format in various websites.

Earlier a trial version of the app had done the rounds, which had a thorough access to Sammy servers, but it was cut out later. The latest version is assumed to be extracted from the shipping Galaxy S IIIROM.

The only requirement is that you must be touting an Android ICS OS in your phone to install the Samsung’s S Voice as a third party app. The app can be installed despite the device is rooted or not. However, it is observed that ‘Non-Root’ users are not having an appreciable stability with this app, but Root-based version appears to be running smooth, so far.

If you are wondering how to have the S Voice on your device, here are some tips for putting up the app on your ICS device.

Non-root users, who are the majority, first have to go to Settings > Application Security on your phone and check the” Unknown sources” box. You can then transfer or download the S Voice APK file to your phone, and click to install. You may find the file most probably in the notification bar or downloads application. Confirm whether its working on the app drawer and start enjoying the S Voice facility.

For the root users; you can extract the app’s ZIP file (in your desktop or phone), which will be giving two files voicetalk.apk & to a normal folder in your phone.

Now move the voicetalk.apk to system/app folder with “Root Explorer” (Use Mount R/W and set permissions by holding voicetalk.apk to look out the sub-menu). You have to make sure permissions are set as “rw-r–r–”.

After that file should be moved to the /system/lib. Reboot the phone and you have the S Voice app appeared fresh in your UI.

It’s pay back time, let us know how you are enjoying the S Voice on your Android. We are very dying to have your feedback about this wonderful app.

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