Rewind Time in Your Photograph using BlackBerry’s Newest Software

Photographs are memories on paper and most of us don’t want our memories to be spoiled by a mistake. Like for example, we do not want to close our eyes before the shutter goes off. It seems that the new BlackBerry 10 software will have the ability to correct those images and make the way you want them.

BlackBerry demonstrated the new software where there was a picture of two people and one of the two had their eyes closed before the shutter shut.

Using the software, the photographer was able to rewind the selected portion of the photograph frame by frame until he got the result that he wanted where both the people had their eyes open. Since only the selected portion was selected, everything else was basically the same.

But this is not the only app which helps a person fix a photograph. Another Photo app which has been developed by Swedish app developer named Scalado had the same ability. The app is called Rewind. What the app does is that it makes the camera app cache images in the moments before you the shutter closes.

Though there isn’t any official video of the new feature, there is still one on the Scalado app (see below).

As for the release date of both the BlackBerry OS 10 and the BlackBerry OS 10 devices, there is no word on them as yet. We uses we need to expect them sometime before the end of this year. Be with us, as we set out on the look out for more info on this.

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