Review: Touchtype Case for iPad and Wirless Keyboard

The real challenge with an iPad is that it can’t completely replace a laptop. Some people are still obsessed with conventional typing and also find it convenient. So, a wireless keyboard that promises a long battery life and a compact design has arrived.

A variety of iPad cases are available in the market that keeps the iPad in a keyboard case. But these cases reduce the ability to adjust the keyboard’s distance with respect to the iPad and it leads to uncomfortable typing.

But here we found a solution for all these problems and it is named Touchtype Case that easily carries an iPad and Apple wireless keyboard together.

Salman Sajid is the man behind this whole idea of Touchtype Case and the whole project was funded Kickstarter and resulted in Touchtype Case. It is a very slender case that acts as a stand for the iPad and also carriers the iPad and Apple wireless keyboard. While using it as a stand you can get the view of the iPad screen.

The Touchtype Case is available in gray polyurethane and in leather dark brown models.

The  case is beautifully designed with top-quality construction and reasonably priced at US$49 and $99.


The Touchtype Case is a well designed and implemented iPad case that makes it easy to carry the iPad and wireless keyboard.

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