Review: The WalletTrackR

Once in a while, we all misplace small things like car keys, wallet and mobile phones. California based company Phone Halo has invented a product dubbed Wallet TrackR to address  this universal problem.

It is a small and lightweight Bluetooth Low Energy enabled device and an accompanying iPhone app. The device fits perfectly into your wallet and keeps track of your wallet.

If your wallet and iPhone are separated, the WalletTrackR will alert its user by sending an alert message to your iPhone. It can also track the exact place where the wallet was left. The device is connected to the iPhone via Bluetooth.

The Wallet TrackR is a wallet-friendly device with 3.8 mm thickness, 54 mm width and 86 mm height and it is the same as the height and width of a credit card, therefore it will fit normally in your wallet’s credit card slot.

Right now, you can purchase a Wallet TrackR for $19 but after the device’s launch it will available for $29. A complete set of the device includes a designed wallet with a dedicated Wallet TrackR pocket and Wallet TrackR package for a $50.

The free app works with iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, new iPad, iPad mini and the new iPod Touch.


Though it is a simple device but completely useful in our day to day busy life. Moreover, your wallets will be safe and protected.

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