Review: The Sound Cube by TDK

The sound cube is the new wireless and Bluetooth speaker system from TDK.

This cube shaped speaker has a pair of dials, one is for volume control and the other allows you to select inputs and adjust the bass and treble. Three large woofers are provided at the front, left-and right-hand sides of cube.

The whole package includes a remote control that offers modest control of the box. On the back of the cube there is a power input, a line input and a USB port for charging your devices. It is a high drain output therefore you can even charge a tablet device here.

Cube produces a rich, deep and very clear sound better than any other speaker device on the current market. The sound cube from the speaker system is enough to fill a good-sized room, kitchen or in a normal bedroom. The sound quality produced by the sound cube is perfect for a target audience.

For the iPod, iPhone or iPad dock users need to add a third party dock. Set-up and setting tweaks are little difficult but they aren’t entirely necessary for most people. The whole device is available for £230.


The sound cube is a marvelous, terrific looking speaker device that produces good quality sound and is available at an affordable price.

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