Review: The Mio Alpha

The Mio Alpha is a wristwatch that helps in tracking your heart rate while exercising and can easily pair with a smartphone fitness app.

The device has a black silicone wristband outlined in gray, while its bezel is black. It has a monochromatic dot-matrix LCD display and shows either the time or your heart rate, depending on the mode.

Mio Alpha

The display has small icons that indicate the amount of battery life, the watch mode or the heartbeat reading mode. The watch has a timer, to track the length of your workout.

The Mio Alpha is water-resistant, so that you can wear it while swimming, but you can’t press the buttons on the watch while underwater, because it will damage the device.

In order to recharge the device, a plastic dock is provided that connects via magnets to the underside of the watch, and to your computer via USB.  After tracking the heart rate, the Mio Alpha broadcasts this data via Bluetooth.

Although it doesn’t have its own app, but the Mio Alpha works with a number of third-party apps, like Endomondo, Wahoo, MapMyRide, MapMyRun, Runkeeper, Strava and Addidas’ MiCoach.

The watch doesn’t show the date, or have an alarm, therefore it promises limited functions.


The Mio Alpha is a simple method of tracking your heart rate but at $199, this one function device seems to be a costly one.

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