Review: Tagg Pet Tracker

The Tagg Pet Tracker is made for those dog owners who are anxious about their pets. This device informs your dog’s location via GPS to your smartphone or notebook. This smart device also shows how active your dog is during the day.

The device comes in two pieces- first one is the tracker, which attaches to your dog’s collar, and the base station, which is used to recharge the Tracker.


The tracker comes with a built-in GPS chip that measures 3.2 x1.5×0.8-inches and weighs just 1.2 ounces. The center of the device is made of a hard plastic and two rubber tabs extending on either side.

The tracker can be attached to your dog’s collar via a little clip. It is water-resistant and doesn’t seem too bulky. Still, the manufacturer is  recommending it on dogs weighing at least 10 pounds.

The base station of the device plugs into a wall outlet via its USB port. It recharges the tracker and also helps in reducing the use of battery power.  Inside the device is a cellular connection that covers almost all the United States.

The Activity Tracker also shows how active your dog is during the whole day. It shows how long your dog is resting, lightly active, moderately active and highly active in the day.

According to the manufacturer, the tracker’s battery can last up to 30 days. The Tagg pet Tracker comes with a price tag of $99, plus a $7.95 monthly fee.


The Tagg Pet Tracker will be helpful tool for those dog owners with large yards and like to let their dogs roaming. The activity trackers also help to track the fitness of your doggy.

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